Monday, 12 December 2016

Diamante Poems

Walt: write diamante,, acrostic and haiku poems around a theme
Each line specific kind of words, Like Adjective and -ing words.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Scientific Questions

Walt: Hypothesise what we think will happen during this experiment
Write a conclusion and say what it happened

Monday, 5 December 2016


WALT: Use different language tools like adjectives, nouns and verbs in our writing

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Alphabet Key

Alphabet Key

Apple Core
Banana Peels
Cracker packets
Doughnut Boxes
Egg Carterns
Fruit burst wrappers
Grape sticks
Honey Jars
Ice - cream boxes
Jam jars
K-Bar wrappers
Lolliepop sticks
Milk carterns
Noodle wrappers
Orange peels
Rice Packets
Spaghetti Cans
Unsalted nuts Packet
Vegtable Wrappers
Weetbix boxes
Yoguht carterns

Walt: Think about inferences made within the text

I can recycle all of these items. Some of them out can compose like apple core and banana peels and all other fruit peels.

Monday, 28 November 2016


WALT: understand the difference between the two words and their meanings

Thursday, 24 November 2016


WALT: gather, sort and display data to answer questions.

Water Worries

Walt: Understand the water cycleExplain how water is reused

My Holiday Writing

After all that we went to eat at pakuranga mall and me and Josh wanted to eat butter chicken and my sister wanted to have burger king and so we ate everything up. So then we all went home and we all went to sleep we were all exhausted and it was a ver y awesome big day.

In the holidays I went to this arcade in botany it was called time zone I went with my cousin Josh and my sister Norah - Jade, At the arcade there were games and prizes, first we had to buy some tokens and then we had to go play some games to get our tickets after we played our games we earned tickets from the games we played the games I played the most was the basketball hoop shot game it was my favourite game in the arcade.

When our tokens ran out we went to this machine which counts our tickets I had 36 my sister had 85 and my cousin had 125 he had the most, when we counted our tickets we went to the counter and showed the amount of tickets and told us to go and choose our prizes. My cousin came up with an idea he said that we should put our tickets me and my sister agreed, so altogether it was 246.

We all picked two things I choose two bracelets and one tattoo, my sister choose a slinky and three rings and Josh choose a tattoo and a hand clapper. It was the best part of my holiday I wish we could go to the movies next time.
Image result for timezone auckland new zealand

Potato Chips Investigation

Walt: Understand what pseudoscience means
Research to prove or bust theories based on findings

Editing a Paragraph

when it was our last day camping out in the bush my friends and i discovered that there was a bush that was really rare because there wasn’t that much bushes around because it was actually a huge forest it looked so amazing it had the smell of chocolate and strawberries on the outside it looked just like a stinky old bush

Change this paragraph
When it was our last day camping out in the Bush my friends and I discovered that there was a Bush that was really rare. The Bush didn’t really have that much bushes around because it was actually a huge forest it looked so amazing! It had the smell of chocolate and strawberries on the outside it looked just like a stinky old bush.

Walt: edit a paragraph so that it has the correct punctuation marks and makes sense

My Survey

Walt: gather, sort, and display data to answer questions.

My animation

Kerstein's Science Animation from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Camp 2016

Have you ever been to Camp Bentzon before?

I went there last week. When we arrived, our first thing we did was go for a hike up killer mountain. I thought it was easy, but when we went up the hill it was hard in my head I was like “ No wonder why it’s called killer mountain it kills people's legs” It was so so hard.

Wait a minute I forgot to tell you about these two amazing people well these two amazing people have names and they are Erin and Peter, They were telling us about how to Kayak and how to sail they were so awesome. I miss them so much.

After we finished walking up Killer Mountain we had Morning tea which was an apple and a cookie. After that we had free time and we got to play volleyball and play on the playground. After that we had lunch, we still had free time until we went to dinner.

For dinner we had Spaghetti Bolognese with potatoes. Mr Somerville asked if anyone wanted seconds and I went up it was so yum. I could even smell the Spaghetti Bolognese from where I was sitting, I think it was because I was the closest one to the kitchen. When everyone had finished we got to have some desert, for desert we had ice - cream and chocolate sauce it was so delisous.

The next day we were starting our activities my favourite activity was sailing. When I was Sailing It was very hard because we thought we were going to fall of and the sail was to hard to pull but luckily I had my friend besideme. However, when I got use to it, I was very happy that I knew how to sail. My buddy and I were very scared. but then as we were sailing we weren’t afraid anymore. As we were sailing, we got to see a stingray.

It was very fun at camp I wish we could go there again. That was the best camp ever and I just wish we could stay there.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Trip to the zoo with my family

On Saturday we got to go to the zoo but not just me it was my family as well it was a very fun place. We got to see monkeys my favourite one was the apes one of them hid underneath the blanket. It was a fun day here are some images.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

My Data for my graph

Here is my data, my question was What was your favourite activity? and the most was Spotlight as you can see and the least one was Bombing of the warf and Other. So there is all my data I am going to show you today I might do some more tomorow or the whole week.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Writing test

                            The Bush

One day there was a group of friends who were going out for a hike. Their names are Bryana, Anna, Sheales and Myztique. Well they went out for there hike they were walking and they saw a strange looking bush. As they went past that bush Anna reconized that bush from some where.

When Anna was thinking about where the bush was from she said“ Hey guys don’t yous reconized that bush from somewhere” She was wondering where it must be from is it a normal bush or is it a poison bush “ Nope I don’t think there is, wait a minute yes it’s in that book but I forgot which book” said Myztique. When Myztique was trying to figuer out what the book it was she went back to the bush and kept thinking.

When she was at the bush she just remembered what book it was from “ It was from that book called The Legend of The Bush” said Myztique “ That’s right “ said  Bryana  “ Some people say that this bush is a monster” said Sheales.  When Sheales said that it was a bush monster they were so afraid that it might bite them. So then they ran as fast as they could.

As they ran Bryana just stood there and said “ That’s just a legend what if it’s not even real anymore” But when she said that the bush wasn’t the bush moved and as it moved Bryana was still not afraid until the bush came alive, It had big red eyes with sharp teeth and when he got up Bryana was screaming and shouting “ Help! There’s a monster chasing me” So then she ran as fast as she could.

After that she went back to her friends and Sheales said “ What happened?? Are you alright, are you hurt” They were so worried but all she said was “ LET’S NEVER GO FOR A HIKE AROUND THAT BUSH AGAIN” So then they went back home and went to sleep, the only one awake was Bryana.

                                                                      The End

Tuesday, 1 November 2016



 Lost in the forest
One day Emily and her classmates were going to a camp at Kawau Island. At Kawau Island there was a forest, in the forest we went to go out for a hike. They thought that it will be a very good day to go out  for a hike, The first thing they went past was a big and beautiful Maple tree.

When we went out for a hike which in other words walk, Well they were out  they saw some wallabies so Emily and her Best friends went to go and pat them. They were right next to a big rose.

As they were patting the wallabies their class was still walking. But something happened, Can you guess what happened? ……… Well when the wallabies ran away they stood up and looked shocked because their class just left they were too distracted.

When they got lost they were so afraid they didn’t know what to do. So when they were lost Emily thought about where they were before “I’ve got an idea” said Emily, “What is it” asked Sofia ( one of Emily’s friends ). “ We should go back to where we came from” said Emily. Her friends were confused. But Emily was thinking of the places they been to already.

As Emily was thinking she was walking around in little circles. “ I’ve got it let’s go back to the big rose we were just at. So they went back to the rose then they took a little rest, after that they got up then they went to the big maple tree “ Yay we are almost there” said Lilly ( her other friend )

So when they got to the Maple tree they went straight back to camp and it was already night time so then they went back to their cabin and went straight to sleep. “ I wonder what tomorrow will be like” said Emily and her friends.

Friday, 23 September 2016

If I had a million dollars.....

If I had a million dollars I would use it on……
I would use the million dollars for my family and to buy me some clothes and shoes. I really want to go to the JB-HI-FI store to get a flat screen.  That would be so awesome, What would you do if you had a million dollars?

The other thing I would do is that when it's christmas I will buy some presents and give it out to people I see. But if people are in the streets then I will give all the presents to them.  Every special Occasion I will buy presents even on my sisters birthday.

The last thing I will do is give all the rest of my money to my Papa and Nana in Samoa because I really love them and I really want to go and see them that was my big dream and I know that one day it will come true. Once I finish all my money I will just wait another lucky day for me and my family that’s coming.

And so if  that day comes and then the day will start all over again but I will share it all with my loving family that I truly love. And then that will be the end of the million dollars.


Walt: Explain how athletes make their own money.

Today we were learning about these athletes. We were looking at sites about how many sponsors are there here is the LINK all you need to do is just click on the person you want to know about and then it will just pop up.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Olympic Narritive

One lovely morning the athletes  were training for the Olympics. One guy said he was going for a break so he went for a little walk. Well he was out he was going Pokemon hunting, well he was hunting for Pokemon he ended up in the north part of Brazil. Latter on he found a Pokemon when he found a Pokemon he thought he had enough of it so he put his phone away and was going back to training but then he just knew that he was lost.

When he got lost he tried looking for a bus stop, when he saw a bus stop he ran quickly to it. But when he got there the bus left, he was so upset he needed to train for the Olympics, he really wants to be coming first, second or third.

After that he went on his phone and called Valerie Adams to see if she could come and pick him up, she said “Sorry busy training” Usain bolt said “ That’s alright” he was so sad that he might come last in the 200m sprint. He sat by the bus stop and waited for the next bus.

Well he was waiting for the bus he thought that he can do training here, So he ran up and down 20 times. After that he did 12 push ups and 10 sit ups well he was doing that he saw that his phone was ringing.

He picked  his phone up and answered it, it was Valerie Adams she said that she will come to pick him up he said “ Thanks Valerie see you soon” but she didn't know where he was so she use the tracking app to track him.

When she found him he was so amazed he still trained. He wondered what he will come after all he has done. So then she drives him to the where all the other athletes sleep and live, no one is allowed to go in but the athletes  even the news reporters aren’t allowed.

Our Movie

Olympic Athletes from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Walt: Understand how athletes get paid and make money through sponsorship and endorsements

Here is a movie about Usain Bolt and Roger Freder. We are talking about how to make connection's. Nyree and I were asked to make a movie all about our favourite athlete.