Thursday, 3 November 2016

Writing test

                            The Bush

One day there was a group of friends who were going out for a hike. Their names are Bryana, Anna, Sheales and Myztique. Well they went out for there hike they were walking and they saw a strange looking bush. As they went past that bush Anna reconized that bush from some where.

When Anna was thinking about where the bush was from she said“ Hey guys don’t yous reconized that bush from somewhere” She was wondering where it must be from is it a normal bush or is it a poison bush “ Nope I don’t think there is, wait a minute yes it’s in that book but I forgot which book” said Myztique. When Myztique was trying to figuer out what the book it was she went back to the bush and kept thinking.

When she was at the bush she just remembered what book it was from “ It was from that book called The Legend of The Bush” said Myztique “ That’s right “ said  Bryana  “ Some people say that this bush is a monster” said Sheales.  When Sheales said that it was a bush monster they were so afraid that it might bite them. So then they ran as fast as they could.

As they ran Bryana just stood there and said “ That’s just a legend what if it’s not even real anymore” But when she said that the bush wasn’t the bush moved and as it moved Bryana was still not afraid until the bush came alive, It had big red eyes with sharp teeth and when he got up Bryana was screaming and shouting “ Help! There’s a monster chasing me” So then she ran as fast as she could.

After that she went back to her friends and Sheales said “ What happened?? Are you alright, are you hurt” They were so worried but all she said was “ LET’S NEVER GO FOR A HIKE AROUND THAT BUSH AGAIN” So then they went back home and went to sleep, the only one awake was Bryana.

                                                                      The End

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