Thursday, 24 November 2016

Camp 2016

Have you ever been to Camp Bentzon before?

I went there last week. When we arrived, our first thing we did was go for a hike up killer mountain. I thought it was easy, but when we went up the hill it was hard in my head I was like “ No wonder why it’s called killer mountain it kills people's legs” It was so so hard.

Wait a minute I forgot to tell you about these two amazing people well these two amazing people have names and they are Erin and Peter, They were telling us about how to Kayak and how to sail they were so awesome. I miss them so much.

After we finished walking up Killer Mountain we had Morning tea which was an apple and a cookie. After that we had free time and we got to play volleyball and play on the playground. After that we had lunch, we still had free time until we went to dinner.

For dinner we had Spaghetti Bolognese with potatoes. Mr Somerville asked if anyone wanted seconds and I went up it was so yum. I could even smell the Spaghetti Bolognese from where I was sitting, I think it was because I was the closest one to the kitchen. When everyone had finished we got to have some desert, for desert we had ice - cream and chocolate sauce it was so delisous.

The next day we were starting our activities my favourite activity was sailing. When I was Sailing It was very hard because we thought we were going to fall of and the sail was to hard to pull but luckily I had my friend besideme. However, when I got use to it, I was very happy that I knew how to sail. My buddy and I were very scared. but then as we were sailing we weren’t afraid anymore. As we were sailing, we got to see a stingray.

It was very fun at camp I wish we could go there again. That was the best camp ever and I just wish we could stay there.

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