Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Exercise Invetigation

In Room 9 and 10 we have been learning to do a Statistical Investigation. First we ask a question Then we worked out the answer and presented it in a graph. Lastly we wrote about what we found out. I hope you enjoy our investigation.

My holiday highlight

In the holiday me and my family went somewhere wonderful.
It was my favourite place to swim it was at Parakai Springs. When  my sister go in the pool it was really warm my little sister had floaties on because she couldn't float .
After we swam we went to eat some BBQ When we took a Bite of the chicken it tasted yummy in the inside and the outside but my favourite was the mashed potato. We had hot dogs. The butter started to melt.  Then we were very cold so we went into the pool again. But then I told my mum if I could go to the slid she said yes. When I got on the slide I was excited and little scared.

As people were going on the slide I heard some screaming I had no idea what the screaming was all about. Maybe it was just because they were having fun. So then I hopped off the slide because it was quite scary. After that I went back in the nice, warm pool. It felt fantastic. Moreover, I was still in the pool and I saw people doing bombs. So I decided to do a bomb with my cousins.

Then we went home and went to sleep because it was a very long day. I felt really tired after that long day.