Friday, 31 March 2017

Decimals 2

WALT: Order whole numbers and decimals numbers

this presentation was very pretty easy but the second to last card was very hard because I had to form the numbers from largest to smallest but I did it the other way around so then I had to do it again.


Walt: Read and write decimals

As you can see I am learning how to work out decimals it was so hard until I tried and tried hard. I got help from my lovely teacher Ms. Tapuke. It was hard because I thought my teacher said on slide 4 to write for example 5.7 five point seven but what she actually said was to write five ones and seven tenths.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

My Writing Test

Have you been to the netball courts before? If you haven’t you should go and check it out, It is so amazing I love going to the netball courts. Wait a minute where are my manners  I forgot to introduce myself, Hi my name is Kerstein and I am a year 7 student at Pt England School. I am going to tell you about where my special place is,  as I already said the netball courts.

It is so special because I love to watch and play at the netball courts, I sometimes watch netball on the television but sometimes  I watch my sisters play at the netball courts I play netball to but I only watch when I am on the sideline.

I started playing at the netball courts in year 4 with Mr Jacobsen he was the best coach I’ve ever had he was my coach from Year 4 to year 6 this year he couldn’t be our coach he had to coach another team which was the year 5 princesses. I bet that they will love him.

Last year in 2016 I played in a team called Patriots my coach was Mr Jacobsen again but other people call him Garth, We weren’t allowed to call him Garth we had to name him by his last name. Anyway he was my coach and last year we were in Grade A Section 2 I did not know if we came 1st or second I was very confused. But in 2015 I already knew that we came first because all Mr Jacobsen said was that we came first.

The netball courts are my favourite and special place ever. It's the best place ever I am going to the netball courts again this year.

My test results

Hey readers, Do you remember how I showed you my writing test, well I just got my results today and my highest mark was Ideas, Structure, Organisation, Punctuation and Spelling. My lowest was Vocabulary and Sentence.

Friday, 17 March 2017

The Poly highlights

On Thursday the 16th of March, The whole of Team 5 went to Polyfest in Manukau. We had to sit and wait for the other schools and when the last school came we started to sing songs like our new Maori song “Hutia” and the song “We know the way” in the movie moana. When we finished the songs we met these lovely people from Aorere College. Their were six of them one in each class, One of those lovely people’s names were Sabrina she was our tour guide for polyfest.

The first place we went to was the NZ police station they were talking to us about what they do, They also said that they have guns but they dont use them he also said their main focus they look at is comunication. One of our students asked if they use a tazer gun but  they said no.

After that we went to the ASB stand and inside was these digtal poi’s here is the LINK to the video of people doing the digital poi. It was very cool.

Later on we got split into groups my mum had a group and in that group was Aneelis, Sheales, Angel, Alisha and ME. We went almost every where we went to get a moko and we got free smothies.

After that we all went back to school, Some people were so tired they fell asleep in the bus. When we got to school we sang more songs and then we all went home.


Monday, 6 March 2017

My Visual Mihi

Hi my name is Kerstein and this is my Visual Mihi. As you can see on the top left corner I drew the word family because my family really means a lot to me. In the top right corner you will see that I have drawn a bible because I love Jesus and I also love going to church and learning more about the lord. Next is Sports this is my favourite thing to do when im board plus I play sports here at school I play Cricket, Tag and other sports. Can you see that Nike tick brand well that is my favourite shoe brand I even have a bag with a nike tick but I got a new bag.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Why people need to drink water?

Sometimes I ask myself, Why is water so important? And my answer I kept on hearing was to keep everyone alive but i’m pretty sure that's not all. Water can also keep our body pure and clean.

Did you know that water helps to get almost all of the carbon dioxide out of your body. When you breath out all the carbon dioxide comes out all because you have drunk water. Isn’t that amazing.

Eventually, people use water to clean stuff, like yourself and some dirty laundry there’s loads of things water can clean. Now I think i’m forgetting something that’s right did you know that water can Evaporate.

Evaporate means when ice can turn into liquid then it water vapours. Have you been at a beach? Before because if you have you have just done Evaporation. So when you dry up the water just floats into the air then they gather altogether next it turns into a cloud that’s called Condensation then when rain comes down that’s called Precipitation.

Finally I’m finish talking you guys might be think wow she writes for long well it alright well sometimes I write short paragraphs, So where was I that’s write. So did you like my writing about the water cycle well I hope you did thanks for reading.

WALT - Plan for a  piece of explanation writing.
                  - Use the' Title-Introduction-Information-Conclusion (TIIC)