Thursday, 1 September 2016

Hiwi the kiwi story

On March the 31st 2015 My Dad and I went fishing at Waikato River. We went to go pick up my friend Anna. When we went fishing my dad caught a fish. He was about to take it off the hook but Anna went to go and get a wet towel, we told him to use the wet towel he said "why?" me and Anna said that if you touch the fish and you think the fish ain’t right you might throw it back in the water and the coating might come off.

“Where did you get that information from” dad replied I said that we learnt it from Mynstral from Hiwi the Kiwi. My dad took the wet towel and he was so lucky that he almost touched the fish with his hand lucky we told him to use a wet towel so he threw it back in.We asked if we could have a try at winding up the rod he said yes, we were so exited.

While me and Anna were waiting for the fish we saw a seabird coming to get some fish but the string was in the way it might get tangled. We tried to think what to do but as soon as we sat down Anna had an idea she said to my dad to get a bucket of water he said “why” Anna said “because Mynstral said that a well” he went to grab a bucket of water and try to get the birds away from the fishing rod so it doesn’t get tangled, so it flew away.

After that me and Anna stood up and we saw the fishing rod go all wiggly and wobbly so we quickly wednt to go and get the rod and my dad wind it up and it was so big we said to dad, Dad you need to put it back dad said “but it’s so delicous” and we said “well to bad you need to put it back because it might have babies, So then dad throwed it back in with a wet towel.

When dad threw it back he said to us to pack up to go home and come back tommorow because we caught nothing and dad was so hungry we asked if we can go and eat Mc donalds he said sure sice we haven’t ate. That was so amazing we want to go there everyday and tell dad what to do. That’s the story about my dad and he loves fishing.

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  1. Great writing Kerstein. I like that you've included all the important reminders Minstrel talked to us about. You're blog looks amazing! Keep it up!