Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Olympic Narritive

One lovely morning the athletes  were training for the Olympics. One guy said he was going for a break so he went for a little walk. Well he was out he was going Pokemon hunting, well he was hunting for Pokemon he ended up in the north part of Brazil. Latter on he found a Pokemon when he found a Pokemon he thought he had enough of it so he put his phone away and was going back to training but then he just knew that he was lost.

When he got lost he tried looking for a bus stop, when he saw a bus stop he ran quickly to it. But when he got there the bus left, he was so upset he needed to train for the Olympics, he really wants to be coming first, second or third.

After that he went on his phone and called Valerie Adams to see if she could come and pick him up, she said “Sorry busy training” Usain bolt said “ That’s alright” he was so sad that he might come last in the 200m sprint. He sat by the bus stop and waited for the next bus.

Well he was waiting for the bus he thought that he can do training here, So he ran up and down 20 times. After that he did 12 push ups and 10 sit ups well he was doing that he saw that his phone was ringing.

He picked  his phone up and answered it, it was Valerie Adams she said that she will come to pick him up he said “ Thanks Valerie see you soon” but she didn't know where he was so she use the tracking app to track him.

When she found him he was so amazed he still trained. He wondered what he will come after all he has done. So then she drives him to the where all the other athletes sleep and live, no one is allowed to go in but the athletes  even the news reporters aren’t allowed.

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