Thursday, 1 September 2016

Simone Biles

Did you know that Simone Biles is in the Olympic Gymnastic Team? Simone Biles makes up her own moves. She was adopted by her biological grandparents. When she 6 years old her dream was to be a professional gymnast. She could not compete in the 2012 London Olympic games because she was too young.

Her Special move is called a Double layout half out it makes her very famous. Her Grandmother encourages her and never let’s her down. She has won 5 medals one of them were bronze the rest are gold in 2016.

Her coach Aimee Boorman is her head coach she teaches her how to make her moves sharp. When she showed her new move Aimee made even sharper. Her Choreographer Dominic Zito helps the USA team pick the music that matches their performance.

She loved being with her family and she always loves being a gymnast, She will always achieve her goal. She has accomplish her first goal let’s see whats her next one.

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