Friday, 22 August 2014

Banana Vs Lollipop

This is my movie about the healthy banana Vs the unhealthy Lollipop.
Hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

My Positive Communication

My divison Problem and fraction

My divison working out

My Maths

   Anna and Paige are going to watch Australia vs Argentina. But Paige and Anna wanted to get some popcorn. Anna wanted to get caramel popcorn it cost $45. And Paige wanted to get butter popcorn it cost $5.

My writing all about the Commonwealth games

We declare that we will take part in the Commonwealth Games of 2014 in the spirit of true sportsmanship recognising the rules which govern them and desirous of participating in them for the honour of our Commonwealth and for the glory of sport.

The Commonwealth Games are a sporting event between 71 countries around the world. There are 71 sport events which every countries compete in like table tennis, netball, Rugby seven and every other sports that they compete in. Athletes like Valerie Adams she is very hard to beat at Shot put.
But Valerie Adams and Eric Finau Never gives up like everyone never gives up.