Monday, 26 November 2018

Visual Art Rubric - Learn ( Part 1)

   Lady Pink uses colour, shape and line.She has focused her career on empowering women, using graffiti and murals as acts of rebellion and self-expression.
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Thursday, 15 November 2018

Fact or Opinion

WALT: I will read across texts and media to form my own opinion on the current teacher strikes   

The video below shows Ana and myself stating our fact and opinion about the current teacher strikes click play to watch. Please enjoy and comment down below. 

Willow Tree

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Underneath the willow tree,
As the wind rushes by
Making the leaves go
From side to side
It turned my frown upside down,
It got me so calm
As I watch the sun go by
Trees all around
But this one tree caught my eye

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Man and Sea

WALT: Test Ready, preparing myself with strategies to do my best in the upcoming tests          

My teacher gave us a task to do for this week it was for me to be ready for our upcoming tests. It's not just for me but other students who are in my class.

Monday, 5 November 2018

Colour Code

Do you know what a good friend is? A good friend is sort of like a best friend if you’d like to know
what it is to being a good friend then just keep on reading because in the following paragraphs I
will be explaining to you what a good friend is.

A good friend is always loyal. Being loyal to your friend is like always being there for them when
they need you there. For example, if your friend is getting bullied you should be there and back
her/him up in that way they would be loyal back, being loyal to your friend can make you be the
bestest friend. That’s what being loyal can do it’s really easy to be loyal. One time I was getting
in trouble, the teacher thought it was only me but really it was all of us I was so upset but then
my friends came along and said that it wasn’t just me, they are all good friends.

Honesty is another way of being a good friend, do you know how? Well telling the truth can
make you a good friend because by being honest your friends can trust you and if they can
trust you they will always tell the truth to you because they always know that you’ve got their
back and they’d know that you will never tell a lie. You can be trusted if you tell the truth your
friends will know that you are a good friend and that they can always count on you.

But the number one thing to do is being yourself make sure your friend likes you for you
because if your just being another person they would like that person not you. So if you be
yourself nothing will go wrong. My parents once told me that I should be myself and everyone
would know who you are, but I thought that I would get friends by being someone else. I tried
to be so funny that my friends that I had didn’t like me anymore so the next day I listened to my
parents advice so then my friends liked me for me.

So there you have it these are thought on being a good friend, so remember being a good friend
is being loyal, Telling the truth and being yourself. Be a good friend not a bad friend, care for
them and make sure you will always be their friend no matter what happens because in the end
you might not see each other again.

Yellow - Key: Statement
Green - Key: Explanation
Blue - Key : Example

Instead of my teacher marking my work I had the chance to mark it myself. To be honest I didn't really proof read properly, If you can see any mistakes just comment down below.