Monday, 29 February 2016

Volcanoes of the World

WALT: Understand vocabulary that is more difficult and specific,
WALT: Use prior knowledge with information from the text to help our understanding

I learnt more about volcanoes and the facts about the volcanoes. click on this link here Volcanoes to see the facts about Volcanoes. While I was looking for facts I learnt some facts my favourite fact is about Mt Sunday is that Mt Sunday in Canterbury, location for Edoras .... Mount Sunday: The capital of Rohan and home to Meduseld, the hall of King Theoden.

The Disappearance

                                                 The Disappearance

One day there was a naughty boy named Michael, he has been a naughty boy since he was a year 1. This year he is a year 4 student his mother has told him if he is a good boy for the whole year he would get whatever he wants but if he didn’t he would not get whatever he wants, “ Ok mum I promise I will be good for the whole year” said Michael

When school started he was a very bad boy still, His teacher sent him to the office but he saw a light, it was an angel he looked very cross “ You have lied to your mother” said the angel,
“ About what a stinky sock” replied Michael, “ You will regret this”. The Angel left “ Whatever I don’t believe any of that nonsense” said Michael.

When he went to the office he saw the two office ladies. he went to tell them about what he did but they just disappeared just like that. He saw the principal Mr Big Bottom “ hey Mr Big Bottom have you seen the office laddies” asked Michael, he looked at the office and then he looked back at the principal then he wasn’t there. He realised everything started to disappear he was afraid that he will disappear as well.

He ran back to class and each and everyone of them were disappearing individually even the teacher, he was so afraid he thinks it was because of the promise to his mother. “I think I know why people are disappearing it is because I told my mum I will be good for the whole year I need to fix this fast” said Michael.

He ran back to the office but then he saw the light again, it was the angel “ See what you have done Michael this is all your fault for lying to your mother” said the angel “ Ok I promise I will be good “ replied Michael “ Are you sure ?” said the angel “yes” he cried. “ Alright your decision is final everything will go back to normal“ said the angel “ I will be good I will be good I will be good “ cried Michael. The Angel done his spell to make everything go back to normal.

From now on Michael will always be good and he will never lie to his mother or anyone at all.
“ Michael your teacher said you have been very good from the beginning of the year to the end of the year” said Michael’s Mother “ Yeap” replied Michael. So from now on Michael has learned his lesson that he will never lie.
                                                               The End


WALT: Write what is being dictated to us, word for word
WILF: I can write down the sounds in words I hear and I can punctuate my writing  

The Missing Family

Something strange was happening. One by one, things started disappearing. First my mum, then my dad and now my sister were all gone. It was my job to investigate the sudden disappearance and to find a solution. 

My score out of 10 is: 10

Friday, 26 February 2016

Narritive writing

It was a beautiful sunny day to spend at the beach. Anna the cat was relaxing on the hot white sand. Her master was paddling in the refreshing crystal water, when suddenly her friend Nyree came along. He was looking very sorry for himself.

“Why a sad face?” said Anna “ My grandma died” said Nyree “Sorry about your grandma, but would you like to play a game instead”? asked Anna. “Sure I just need to have a rest so I can just think of my grandma for a little while”. Anna tried to cheer her up but she just won’t stop thinking about her grandma. Nyree wanted to think about her grandma but she does not want play games right now. “ How about tomorrow” said Nyree, “

Then the Next day Nyree was so happy she her friend Anna she ran and gave a big hug, “ Would you like to play the game that you said yesterday”.
“Ok but first let’s go buy ice - cream ok” said Anna. So then they lived happily ever after.

Monday, 22 February 2016

Problem Solving

Walt: rearrange addition and subtraction problems to simplify how we solve them.
Miss West and Mr Somerville teaches me how to add numbers and to solve problems


How Could you forget the food

Max could see from a distance a family that were at each other's throats. The father yelling “how could you forget the food”? To which the Mother replied,“It was an honest mistake, I'm sure someone will help us".

My score out of 14 is: 14

Friday, 19 February 2016

Te Waka

WALT: retell the story again in our own words

Here is a presentation about Te Waka Aoraki.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Problem Solving Week 3

Walt: add numbers with tens and ones, over 10. For example, 56 +27.
Anna and I were working together to solve the problems.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Narrative Writing 2016

One morning Frank and his brothers wanted to go camping. They were looking for a place to camp. Frank found a place in New Zealand and the name of the place is called Kawau Island, So they went to the airport so they could go camping.

“ Yay we are here let’s go set up our tents!” said Frank
So they went off and organised their things. But something strange happened oh no they have forgotten their food and they were so hungry Frank was so worried “Oh no what are we gonna do?” said Frank

So they were so hungry that their mother came with their food “ Hurray” said one of the brothers so then the mother said “ Come and get your food son” So then they were so happy they survived.                            
The End.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

All about me

This Presentation is All about me hope you enjoy.

The Three Little Pigs

Here are some words that describe these 
WaltDescribe characters from the Three Little Pigs

Tuesday, 9 February 2016


WALT: Find out more information and share three facts about Kiwifruit in New Zealand
  1. What is another name for kiwifruit? Chinese gooseberry

  1. What shape are kiwifruit?  large as a hen's egg

  1. What’s inside the kiwifruit? tiny, black, edible seeds.

  1. What does a kiwifruit taste like?  sweet but unique flavour

  1. Why did the change the name to kiwifruit in 1959? Because there was a bird in new Zealand that is Small, brown, Furry.