Thursday, 24 November 2016

My Holiday Writing

After all that we went to eat at pakuranga mall and me and Josh wanted to eat butter chicken and my sister wanted to have burger king and so we ate everything up. So then we all went home and we all went to sleep we were all exhausted and it was a ver y awesome big day.

In the holidays I went to this arcade in botany it was called time zone I went with my cousin Josh and my sister Norah - Jade, At the arcade there were games and prizes, first we had to buy some tokens and then we had to go play some games to get our tickets after we played our games we earned tickets from the games we played the games I played the most was the basketball hoop shot game it was my favourite game in the arcade.

When our tokens ran out we went to this machine which counts our tickets I had 36 my sister had 85 and my cousin had 125 he had the most, when we counted our tickets we went to the counter and showed the amount of tickets and told us to go and choose our prizes. My cousin came up with an idea he said that we should put our tickets me and my sister agreed, so altogether it was 246.

We all picked two things I choose two bracelets and one tattoo, my sister choose a slinky and three rings and Josh choose a tattoo and a hand clapper. It was the best part of my holiday I wish we could go to the movies next time.
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