Tuesday, 20 October 2015

My Holiday Highlight

In the holidays I went to the Netball holiday Program at the AMI Netball courts. The people who were there from our school was Lotu, Sulieti, Memory, Patrisha and Lishana. We all met new friends there.

Their names are Jasmine and Mechico. We got to do the Program for 3 days Monday to Wednesday. We thought it was just Pt England Netball teams going but when we got there their were heaps of people from different schools but unless we met new friends.

First we were doing some stretching after that we went into groups my coach’s name is Serenah. She taught us how we should balance when we jump and catch the ball. She said we had to bend our knees when we land. Another thing she taught us when we do overhead pass we should throw it to their chess.

The last thing we did was playing a game of Netball there were 4 Teams there was Dark Red, Black, Pink and Light Red. I was in the black team were the winner in the first game and we had to vs the team who won on the other side so after that the points were 5 all and there was only 10 seconds and black got six and we all were screaming YAY WE WON!! but then Serenah said well done black. So we did our cant and we said “ Go Black Yay “.

My favourite thing about the holiday program was that we were working hard as a team. Then we got to al, go home I was exhausted then I went to sleep.

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