Saturday, 31 October 2015

Happy Halloween

On Halloween my family and I didn't go trick or treating nut it doesn't matter at least we are a family said my dad. I ask my dad this " Dad what are we going to do today" and he said we will go and buy our own lollies for Halloween and some for the trick or treating kids. So we went to Pak'n Save.

As soon as we got to Pak'n Save we went looking for the lollies. Finally we found the lollies so we went to pick some lollies I picked the L&P chocolate, my sisters picked M&Ms and this lolly  I forgot what it was called but..... After that we went to the counter and after that we went home.

After all that we were finally home and we got to play a game with the lollies. Their is only one rule: you are not allowed to eat anyone's lollies. My family and I enjoyed it it was Magnificent and Amazing.

It was really fun I couldn't stop laughing because it was so funny when me and my dad always lose and we never got any lollies but it doesn't matter. Have a Happy Halloween.

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