Monday, 3 August 2015

My Immersion Assembly writing

On a wet muddy Friday 8:30 Pt England School had a Immersion Assembly. First Team 1 Then Team 2, Team 3, Team 4 and Team 5. The teachers had to perform
it was kinder funny.

Team 1’s item was about that they get to earn golden shiny money by being good. Team 2’s item is about ice cream and Team 3’ s item is about learning about different jobs. Team 4’s item which is our item is about Emotion and Money. Team 5’s item is about Smart money.

Team 1’s item was about that they get to earn money by being good. And they will be having there market in class. And they will do selling and stuff.

Team 2’s item is about the yummy freezing ice cream. They will be making yummy creamy ice cream it was so fun because they were telling question and if we get it right we get a ice block.

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