Monday, 17 August 2015

If I had a million dollars

If I had a million dollars I would go to Sylvia Park and go to the store’s. I will go to a food store most of the time with my family. The first store I will go to is Hoyts then we will go to Kiwi yo for some ice - cream then I will go to JB HI-FI to buy heaps of stuff.

At Hoyts I will be watching Decendants first I will get some popcorn and some drinks for my family and I. My favourite characters are Mal and Jay Because they are good at acting and I only know what’s Mal’s Real name it is Cameron she is very good at acting.

After Hoyts I will go to Kiwi yo for some ice - cream my flavour is Nom Nom Panda it has sprinkles and heart shaped lollies and yogurt inside. Yummy! Have you tasted Nom Nom Panda from Kiwiyo? It taste delisous!

When we finished eating our ice - cream or yogurt we would go to JB HI-FI. What would you buy at JB HI-Fi I would buy a big TV and a flash remote.

After that we went home and drink some tea then I had good night sleep.

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