Friday, 10 June 2016

Superhero on a mission

One day in the quiet city of Auckland children from Pt England School were busy doing their literacy task they heard a loud explosion Ka-Boom!

“Mwahahaha” said Dr. Weevil “HELP!!!!” said Nyree, “what should we do” said Anna,
“ let’s call The flame” said Bryana. Flame zoomed and asked Bryana “what’s wrong” said flame “ There was a loud explosion from the city and I think it was Dr. Weevil” said Nyree.

So Flame went to see what is going on and when he got there he saw Dr. Weevil “Well well well you can’t stop me from ruling the world” said Dr. Weevil. Flame thought “ why he wanted to rule the world”. So Flame said to him“ Dr. Weevil I will stop you from ruling the world ”  So then……

After all that Flame had to stop Dr. Weevil from ruling the world, So he put his hands up and flames started to come out of his hands and said “ This is my power you like it”. And Dr. Weevil was like “ Ahhhhhhh it burns” and so…… To be continued

What will happen next…..

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