Tuesday, 22 September 2015

About Cross Country


On a muddy Monday all the families, parents, teachers and the whole school were at a muddy cross country on the PES Reserve.

2nd Paragraph

In our magnificent class we got changed, next we left our class before we left we went toilet after that we went to the hard courts. When we got on the courts we sat waiting for our turn. When it was our turn Mrs Nua came and took us on the line then we got ready for a race.

3rd Paragraph

When Mrs Nua took us we had to stand in line for the race, then Mr Burt said ready set go and he used the wooden clappers. Then we started running around the muddy field and we went out of the gate to the PES reserve all the way in front of the park and all the way back to school I was so exhausted but I saw the finished line so I ran as fast as I could.

last Paragraph
I came past the finish line but then I came 11th or 10th anyway .I was still proud of myself. I am in Tainui which is blue.

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