Wednesday, 1 July 2015

My Game Animation

Welcome to my awesome game animation. It is called Ghost Girl. You will never be bored playing my cool game on a wet lunchtime. This game is awesome for me but hey you should try it. to see if it is cool for you.

My character is Ghost Girl. She is outside and then she will be in her house. Her powers are that she can fly, plus she can be invisible cause she’s a ghost. Her mission is to keep her family safe.

Use W to jump A to go left and D to go right and S to go down. On level 2 there will be a mystery box and there will be a prize inside of it. It might be a bag of coins, a hat or a trophy or anything.

You need to kill the zombies wich are stick man by jumping onto them. To lose a life the zombies will kill you but that is only on Level 2 so I made it easy for you on Level 1. To get back one life you need to to collect a heart or two. Now you will go on level 3.

I hope you enjoyed my game. To see morew go on my blog Thanks for watching.

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