Thursday, 26 March 2015

My camp recount

Last week on an ugly sweety hot wednesday to friday all the year 5 and 6 had camp. I was in the real dealz with Mr Goodwin. Camp was really cool!! And in the morning we do some jump jam. We did Jump jam because we so EXHAUSTED!! On camp we had leaders my leaders were Iyvone,

At camp the Real dealz and I started to play a activity I was there half  we are playing top town. Hey but guess what the teachers call it top town but Mr Jacobson calls it the “Kill Zone”. It was pretty cool how we went through the “tunnel of doom”!

The next cool amazing thing was, that we went down to the beach to do some kayaking! Have you done kayaking before? I was really excited. When we got in we had to do foot bum foot. Then we went into the boat and did foot bum foot the next thing is that you have to do spoon knife spoon knife.

It was cool at camp and quite funny! The next thing is we went to sleep “ZzzzzzzzZ”!

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