Thursday, 26 March 2015

Use your WITS

You should use your W.I.T.S because your W.I.T.S can help you get out of trouble. WITS are for making people happy.

Walk away means that if someone is bullying you can walk away. Because when my little sister was saying mean words in Samoan I just walk away.  

Ignore it means If someone sends a mean email to you you've got to ignore it or delete. Plus if I see my sister doing the evil eyes I just look away and ignore it.

Talk to the person that is annoying you. Tell them what they are doing to annoy you and ask them to stop if you don’t like it. One day I was getting bullied and I told them

Seek help if you finish talking about it and they don’t listen seek help. Even if they keep on punching you just seek help.

You should use your wits everyday. It will help you.

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