Tuesday, 1 November 2016


 Lost in the forest
One day Emily and her classmates were going to a camp at Kawau Island. At Kawau Island there was a forest, in the forest we went to go out for a hike. They thought that it will be a very good day to go out  for a hike, The first thing they went past was a big and beautiful Maple tree.

When we went out for a hike which in other words walk, Well they were out  they saw some wallabies so Emily and her Best friends went to go and pat them. They were right next to a big rose.

As they were patting the wallabies their class was still walking. But something happened, Can you guess what happened? ……… Well when the wallabies ran away they stood up and looked shocked because their class just left they were too distracted.

When they got lost they were so afraid they didn’t know what to do. So when they were lost Emily thought about where they were before “I’ve got an idea” said Emily, “What is it” asked Sofia ( one of Emily’s friends ). “ We should go back to where we came from” said Emily. Her friends were confused. But Emily was thinking of the places they been to already.

As Emily was thinking she was walking around in little circles. “ I’ve got it let’s go back to the big rose we were just at. So they went back to the rose then they took a little rest, after that they got up then they went to the big maple tree “ Yay we are almost there” said Lilly ( her other friend )

So when they got to the Maple tree they went straight back to camp and it was already night time so then they went back to their cabin and went straight to sleep. “ I wonder what tomorrow will be like” said Emily and her friends.

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