Tuesday, 11 November 2014

All about a Skater

“Is that even possible?” I wondered, as I gazed in awe at the fearless skater. As I was watching him, he was stern and concentration caused him to frown. After that I went to get a drink of water at the cafe. When I came back I noticed him shifting his weight, allowing for the board to rotate in mid-air. As I returned from the car, I could see that his body is silhouetted against the the soft pink dusk sky. Then I turned on the camera, when I turned it on it was flat, so I put it in it’s bag then I saw him finishing doing some tricks. While I was eating my sandwich I saw a heat haze that covers the city in a steamy blanket, turning the hills a pastel mauve. It was clear that the skater was oblivious to my presence.

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