Thursday, 8 May 2014

Holiday writing

well In the extremely holidays  my cousin Royal came to sleepover at my house, even his dad slept over and When we woke up my uncle came back from work he bought us some pie and some donuts - they were yummy! When we finished eating, we went to play outside. My sister and I was laughing at Royal because he was crazy and When we got on the tramp my cousin Josh arrived. Royal did not know him but when we told him what we had been doing, Royala and Josh became friends. They were both acting crazy, just like Royal had been. After a few minutes, Josh went back to his nana’s house to get his bike. When he was gone, we had to go inside, How ever my cousin wanted to wait for Josh. When Josh came back Royal got very excited about Josh being here, which made my brothers and sisters happy too.   By Kerstein

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