Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Why people need to drink water?

Sometimes I ask myself, Why is water so important? And my answer I kept on hearing was to keep everyone alive but i’m pretty sure that's not all. Water can also keep our body pure and clean.

Did you know that water helps to get almost all of the carbon dioxide out of your body. When you breath out all the carbon dioxide comes out all because you have drunk water. Isn’t that amazing.

Eventually, people use water to clean stuff, like yourself and some dirty laundry there’s loads of things water can clean. Now I think i’m forgetting something that’s right did you know that water can Evaporate.

Evaporate means when ice can turn into liquid then it water vapours. Have you been at a beach? Before because if you have you have just done Evaporation. So when you dry up the water just floats into the air then they gather altogether next it turns into a cloud that’s called Condensation then when rain comes down that’s called Precipitation.

Finally I’m finish talking you guys might be think wow she writes for long well it alright well sometimes I write short paragraphs, So where was I that’s write. So did you like my writing about the water cycle well I hope you did thanks for reading.

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