Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Fun Run

When I was sitting underneath the very hot sun the court was filled up with four colors which are our house colors Hine Moana, Hikianalia, Te aurere and Hokule’a, I was thinking about what I was going to be like when I was at the starting line. Later then I heard Mr Jacobsen call out the year 7 girls. I was so afraid that I might embarress myself from tripping over.

When Mr Burt got us ready to run I got even more scaredthan I was before. As we took off I was already tired when we got to the goal post  but I was still running and my legs were burning. As we got out of the gates I slowed down because of the mud it was really hard to lift my legs up. But any way I was running through the park then I was like yay but then I forgot that we needed to go around twice, it was kinda funny.

When I went for another round I got even tired legs that I have ever had in my life, In my head I wanted to pretend to fall but then I might get imbarressed. But When I got to the finish line I was so happy that it was over so I went over to get a drink of water.

When I got home I was exhausted but then I needed to go and do the washing and do the dishes, what a day.

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